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To indo, Br, HackerEdit

  • Stop being a lagger
  • get off of NA
  • It is called hack not cheat
  • dont be a troll
  • dont QQ
  • Slap yourself before playing a round


  • Nerf all templars
  • Never use templar and ice mage combo
  • Never "Run" from a fight
  • Never use a tumble on a Hazama
  • Never use levi on a templars
  • Never use Fire mage and sapper combo
  • Never eat attacks
  • Never trash talk
  • Never say your the best
  • Never say QQ or Wow
  • Never say that you dont lag
  • Never think of changing this post
  • Never help a lagger even if they are on your team
  • Always use help desk to solve problem
  • Dont even laugh at this

Ant want to discuss stuff?Edit


Thin to doEdit

Im the interest ageEdit

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