Ragna The Blood Edge

Ragna - Premuim Hero No.7

Ragna brings to the table a multitude of combos at his disposal. He’s
able to effectively keep an opponent in the air by stringing together
his skill combos or using his basic, dash, and air attacks. Ragna’s
coming for glory and he doesn’t feel like leaving without getting it.

Slash the Enemy and Stuns for 2 Seconds.
After Stun will Bleed every second the enemy
move it will take 50 damage for second.

Level 1: 200 damage
Level 2: 300 damage
Level 3: 400 damage
Level 4: 500 damage
Level 5: 600 damage

Skill 2

Devour (W)

Strikes an Enemy Damage and Steals Max Hp from Enemy.
Cuts Through armor. Armor will decrease first before the

Level 1:100 damage. 2% Max Hp and -1 armor
Level 2:200 damage. 3% Max Hp and -1.5 armor
Level 3:300 damage. 5% Max HP and -2 armor
Level 4:400 damage. 6% Max Hp and -3 armor
Level 5:500 damage. 7% Max Hp and -4 armor

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Skill 3

Hell's Fang (W)

Grabs an Foe/Ally and Launches to air and strike to the Target Location
and damaging around the tossed unit lands. the tossed unit will take 60%
of the damage when its land

Level 1:400 damage 1000 Toss Ranged
Level 2:500 damage 1200 Toss Ranged
Level 3:650 damage 1500 Toss Ranged
Level 4:700 damage 1700 Toss Ranged
Level 5:850 damage 2000 Toss Ranged

Cooldown: 27 seconds

Not Over Yet (R)

Ragna Strikes an Enemy and it will knockback at
ranged 1000. after knockback it will explodes within
700 AoE. Damaging the knockback unit and enemy within
the Explosion Range

Level 1: 1500 Explosion damage
Level 2: 3000 Explosion damage
Level 3: 4500 Explosion damage

Cooldown: 110 seconds


Training Quests
Quest Objective EXP Peso Medal Prize
Basic Training Ragna Training Begins 10 100 - -
Combat Training Play Ragna for 5 minutes. 50 - - Trial Gear Chest
Combat Mastery Test Play Ragna for 20 minutes. 50 500 All Alone -
Mission Number 1 Play FactionWar/Ladder Match as Ragna for 40 minutes. 100 1000 Matter of All Things -
Prove your skills Undead Iron Knight KO 600 times. 250 2500 - -
Proof of Strength Miniboss Iron Knight KO 6 times. 250 2500 SS Rank Criminal Permanent Gear Chest
For your lost teammates Undead Iron Knight KO 10000 lol 500 5000 - -
Requiem for your teammates Miniboss Iron Knight KO 8 times. 500 5000 Reunion with Jin Legendary Chest

Hero Level Quests
Quest Objective Medal Prize Prize Prize
Happiness Slipping Away Ragna Level 10 Happiness Falls Angelic Wings 10 Days (+5)
All Alone Ragna Level 20 - Bunny Ears 10 Days (+10)
Odd Eye Ragna Level 30 Odd Eye Servant Outfit 10 Days (+20)
Matter Of All Things Ragna Level 40 - Trial Gear Chest x2
The Bloodedge’s Legacy Jin Kisaragi Level 50 The Bloodedge’s Legacy Angelic Wings 30 Days (+25)
SS Rank Criminal Ragna Level 60 - Bunny Ears 30 Days (+25)
13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi Ragna Level 70 Kagutsuchi Servant Outfit 30 Days (+25)
Reunion with Jin Ragna Level 80 - Gear Chest x1
Fight… of Brothers Ragna Level 90 Fight… of Brothers Permanent Gear Chest
The Story Hasn’t Ended Yet Ragna Level 100 The Story Hasn’t Ended Yet Permanent Legendary Chest Style Package

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